Veterinary Nurse Day 2020

The Vet Nurse as a chemical entity. (Dr Amelia Alexander)

Name: Various, usually anything complementary due to their ability to provide invaluable assistance, eg restraining psychotic canids, elimination of various unwanted bodily fluids, ad infinitum.

Symbol: VN

Atomic Mass: Various, don’t ask if afore-mentioned assistance is still required.

Melting Point: Any non-human infant, usually but not limited to those with fur.

Boiling Point: Instances which cause harm to said infants.

Classification: Life Saver, sub Super Hero

Crystal Structure: Prefers diamonds, but will take most things containing a high glucose concentration.

Density: Tough as nails. Soft as butter.

Colour: Many, including but not limited to flame red, white blonde, and jet black.

Ode to a vet nurse

You are a very special nurse

You’ve saved a life or two

Not limited to those with fur

You’ve saved the scaled ones too

You cherish all the old and young

The 4 leg’d and the 2

The feathered ones, the flightless ones

The ones that bite and chew

The humans in your loving care

Are also pretty stoked

To have you help in finding things

Before the ‘bear’ gets poked

The job you do is pretty rough

Your tasks are very varied

But you always go so far beyond

Helping those red-bellied!

The nature of your loving heart

Shines through without exception

When old ones pass and tears are shed

You comfort with affection

Fur friends come in with stinky skin

From nasty Staph infections

You don’t turn up your nose and choke

You wash them to purr-fection

The things you do to help us all

They never go unnoticed

But if you’re feeling undervalued

Please know we are devoted

To the life and laughter that you bring

Each day we work together

To the ways you help each tiny thing

And make the sick ones better.

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