Covid-19 UPDATE

We hope everyone is staying safe at the moment, and if you’re working from home enjoying a bit of extra snuggle time with the fur babies.

We have temporarily had to change our consult routines due to COVID-19. We are now having reduced contact for all consults and counter sales.

For counter sales please call us before or when you arrive at the clinic. Our reception staff can assist getting your products ready for you and can process payments over the phone.

For consultations:

1. Make sure your phone is charged before your appointment time.

2. Please call us on 42563638 (AP) or 42341317 (GG) once you arrive.

3. When it’s your pets turn to see the vet, the vet will call your mobile phone.

4. One of our nurses will meet you outside the clinic and bring your pet inside.

5. If your dog is tricky with the vet or fearful - please contact us to discuss the possibility of medication to calm them prior to your appointment.

6. The vet will remain on the phone to you and will be gathering background information on your pet.

7. The vet will then assess your pet with the assistance of the vet nurse while you are on speaker.

8. The vet will then call you back to discuss any treatments or diagnostic procedures required.

9. Payment will be processed over the phone and the vet nurse will return your pet to you.

We truly thank all of our clients for your patience and understanding during this time. It means a lot to us to still be able to be here for you and your pets at the moment.

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