We stock a comprehensive range of prescription and premium pet foods to provide for all your pet's dietary needs

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet is vital towards maintaining your pet's health.  We stock a range of Hills diets that cater for all different ages, breeds and lifestyles. Whether you have issues with fur balls, sensitive skin, obesity, or simply wish to feed a diet specially formulated for your pet's breed, we have the right diet for you. Ask for one of our highly trained staff to recommend the right diet for your pet. 


We also offer veterinary prescription diets for the treatment of gastrointestinal, kidney, liver, skin, urinary, and musculoskeletal disease. Feeding the right diet is a mainstay of treatment for many chronic ailments such as canine osteoarthritis and feline urinary disease. These diets are veterinary-only and cannot be bought at your local pet store. Please speak to one of our veterinarians if you think your pet needs a prescription diet. 

Our staff are also trained to help your pet lose weight with the Hills Pet Nutrition Program. Obesity is a growing issue in companion animals and a structured weight-loss program is the safest way for your pet to lose weight whilst maintaining adequate nutrition.