Common Conditions

Welcome to Albion Park & Gerringong Veterinary Hospitals. Here you will be able to find information on general pet care and common conditions that may affect your pet. Click on one of the links below to read more. 

Tick Paralysis

Tick Paralysis is a medical emergency caused by the Ixodes Holocyclus tick. Learn more about Tick Paralysis. 

Dental Disease in DOGS

Click below to read more about Dental Disease in Dogs.


Struggling to get up? Got a bit of a hobble? Learn more about the different ways we can manage osteoarthritis. 

Dental Disease in CATS

Click below to read more about Dental Disease in Cats.

Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate Toxicity is a serious life threatening condition. Cats and dogs are unable to process chemicals such as caffeine  and develop signs of toxicity. Learn more about Chocolate Toxicity.

Dental Disease in RABBITS

Click below to read more about Dental Disease in Rabbits.

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