How to Choose your New Puppy/Dog

So you have decided you want a dog. Which breed do you get? Do you adopt or buy? Do you choose an adult or a puppy? Long or short coated? Large or small? Choose the right dog and they become part of the family. Choose the wrong one and the consequences can be disastrous for you, and lethal for the dog. Having a dog has been shown to alleviate anxiety, depression and loneliness. A dog can help children grow up with increased feelings of security and confidence, and on average, dog owners get more exercise than gym membership owners! But what if your fur friend comes with issues of his own? What if his needs don’t match your ability to care for him? If the issues of the dog become too much to

Tick Paralysis (Ixodes holocyclus)

It strikes fear in the heart of any Australian pet owner…. and for good reason. Paralysis ticks (scientific name Ixodes holocyclus) are unique to Australia and love warmth and humidity. They are found all year round on the Eastern coastline – Favouring warm and humid climates, however don’t let this preference fool you! They have been sneaking up through winter as well. Ticks feed on blood by attaching to your pet’s skin. They inject a paralysing toxin that is deadly to pets. Early symptoms in affected pets include wobbly or weak back legs, vomiting and changes in their bark or meow. If left untreated, this rapidly progresses to full body paralysis and eventually results in the inability t

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