Snake awareness

BE SNAKE AWARE THIS SPRING/SUMMER Spring has sprung on the south coast. We all welcome the change to warmer weather, so do our native reptiles. Snakes and other reptiles hibernate through the cold winter and venture out as the weather warms. Snakes are a normal part of living in Australia and we all need to be snake aware when enjoying the outdoors.​ At Albion Park and Gerringong Vets, we see snake bites in dogs and cats at this time, each year. The most common venomous snake species we see in our area, coming into contact with our pets, is the Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus).​ ​ 227.5 Image R & A Williams. "Red-bellied Black Snake" © Australian Museum Link below We can

Constipation in Cats

Constipation is the frequent or difficult evacuation of faeces from the colon and rectum. While an occasional bout of constipation is probably no cause for alarm, untreated and ongoing constipation can lead to serious consequences, such as (though not limited to) obstipation or megacolon. Symptoms of constipation in cats are sometimes not very obvious, especially if your cat toilets outside. These may include: vomiting, decreased appetite, being less integrative and straining or vocalising when in the litter tray. Constipation is affected by several underlying factors: - Behavioural – STRESS (changes in diet, routine etc), lack of appropriate places to toilet (not enough privacy, dirty litte

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