Mental health in our pets

There are many people who feel symptoms of stress and anxiety in daily life and many whose mental health suffer because of this. These same feelings of stress and anxiety are also felt in companion animals, many of whom make up invaluable family members that in many cases help ourselves deal with stress and anxiety. A wide range of factors influences mental health in our pets. These include the breed and species of the pet, their genes, the environment that they were brought up in as well as the environment and interaction they have with their owner now. Within each of these factors, there is a long list of co-factors that will influence how your pet sees the modern world. It is impossible t

Pet Dental Month

Get the whole picture Albion Park and Gerringong Vets will be running a promotion during the months of August and September to raise awareness about one of the most common health problems seen in our pets today – Dental disease. This Promotion is part of a nation-wide campaign of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). The aim is for Albion Park and Gerringong Vets to help owners to follow an appropriate dental program specifically designed for the needs of their individual pet, including home care and veterinary care. Just like people, no individual pet cat or dog is the same. This is why veterinary dental check-ups are so important! Over 85% of animals have some level of dental diseas

Winter and your Pets

It isn’t just us who feel the change every June to winter, many of our pets feel the same way about the colder part of the year. Although they do not tend to vocalise their opinion about it as much as some people, they are still susceptible to very similar ailments that many people will know very well. Many people will contract a common cold during the winter and in some cases, cause the individual to become quite ill. In winter, we see a higher incidence of upper respiratory tract infections in our canine friends. This upper respiratory tract infection is caused by a number of viruses and bacteria and is known as canine cough or kennel cough. It is contagious and can make your dog very ill

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